12 Different Ways you didn’t know how to USE Aluminum Foil at Home.

Did you know that aluminum foil is one of the best options to remove excess fat from the oven, or burnt spots from pans and pots?

Aluminum foil is a product that is used in many households for the storage of various types of food.

These are thin, flexible sheets that can cover various types of elements very easily.

Most people have it stored in the pantry of their kitchen as it is usually necessary to pack meals.

However, beyond this kind of profit, there are other ways to make the most of the household chores.

Next we want to reveal 12 of your alternative uses so that you do not hesitate to keep them in mind when necessary.

  1. Sharpen the scissors.

If your scissors are not cutting as before and suspect that they no longer have enough edge, take a piece of aluminum foil, fold in several parts and, when it is slightly thicker, repeatedly cuts to sharpen.

  1. Clean silver.

When you notice that your silver objects are opaque, cover a container with a large piece of aluminum foil, add hot water and a little salt.

Then immerse the items you want to clean and leave them for 20 minutes to achieve the desired effect.

  1. Take advantage of heat from stove.

It covers a wooden board with this type of paper and put it behind the stove, in its upper area, in order to avoid the loss of heat that tends to go to the wall.

  1. Clean pots.

Create a ball with enough aluminum foil and use it to brighten the burnt pots or some kind of food stain.

  1. Remove grease from oven.

Instead of using aggressive wire sponges, take a ball of aluminum foil and rub on the greased oven surfaces.

Sprinkle with a solution of lemon and bicarbonate, let it dry for five minutes and pass the aluminium again to polish it.

  1. Preserve cake dough.

When preparing a cake in the oven it is common for their corners to burn even if the interior continues without cooking.  To avoid this and make it perfect, cover it with foil before inserting it into the appliance.

  1. Clean the iron.

With the passing of days the iron is getting dirty and it is acquiring a black layer that can ruin garments.

To leave it as new, put an aluminum foil on the table, add salt and move it as if you were ironing.

  1. Keep Food fresh.

If you want to keep the bread, biscuits or any other bakery food for longer, then wrap them in several layers of aluminum foil as soon as you get home.

In this way, as soon as you want to consume them, they will be as fresh as if were out of the oven.

  1. Make the batteries or batteries work.

Sometimes toys and some battery-operated appliances stop working because one end of the battery becomes loose and stops making contact.

To solve it in a matter of minutes, fold a piece of foil, cut the size needed and put it in the place of contact.

Make sure the battery is snug and the device is turned on again.

  1. Clean the kitchen grill.

To remove leftover food from the grill surface, wait for it to cool and rub vigorously with a large piece of aluminum foil.

  1. Discolor the hair.

Many stylists use aluminum foil as an alternative to dimpled hats that are used to discolor.

Although they are very different systems, the reason they do it is because those types of hats usually break the strands of hair.

Therefore, if you are thinking of clarifying several tones your hair strands, them and use this material to cover them while acting the product.

  1. Avoid rust from steel sponges.

The moisture that is retained in the steel sponges after use causes the element to peel off oxide. To prevent the surfaces where they are placed, cut a rectangle of aluminum foil and put it under the sponge.

Try to change it at least every two days so that it does not contain bad smells and mildew.

Do you know more use for this material? Now that we’ve given you some ideas we hope you can get more out of your home.

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