Avoid eight gain to maintain your Health

One of the most common purposes at the start of the year has to do with the health and is to lose weight. And why lose weight?

The holiday season usually leaves a trail in many people. There are others who do not like to look a few extra kilos, who no longer have their clothes, who have entered into competition with their friends and / or co-workers to look thinner, but perhaps the most important and valid reason Is: to have a better health.

Why is it good for your health to lose weight?

People who are overweight or obese are statistically more likely to suffer from metabolic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and vascular accidents, osteo-muscular injuries, among others.

People at their ideal weight enjoy better health, self-esteem and even seem to live longer. Contrary to what was thought in the past, “chubbies” are not healthier or more friendly, but instead tend to develop serious diseases and are victims of bullying in school and work.

The worldwide obesity in both adults and children can obey to many reasons as cultural, social, behavioral, emotional, and even linked to traditions, habits and moods. Anxiety and depression play a very important role in the eating habits of many people.

How does stress influence our weight and deteriorate our Health?

In the same way, stress plays a fundamental role in the way we eat. It can make us gain weight, not only because when we are Stressed we eat more, but because of the effect of Cortisol, one of the stress hormones, forming the famous “walker’s callus”, that is fat around our abdomen, which turns out to be one of the most dangerous.

Obesity today is considered a disease, which in the paradox of modernity coexists with the other, hunger, and others such as anorexia, bulimia, as a whole called Eating Disorders.

What habits do you follow to avoid gaining weight and staying healthy?

So, to be able to lose weight, we need:

  1. Learn to Manage our Emotions.

A patient of mine reports that habitually when he is tense or anxious, A patient, suffering from depression, referred to “chop” all day and when I asked her to write down all those foods or snacks that “stung” during the day, it turns out that the list was quite large.

  1. Develop a Conscious Relationship with Food.

A technique known as Mindful Eating, which among other things means eating more consciously, recognizing and enjoying each bite, something very few can do.

  1. Modify our Habits.

Another of my patients has managed to lose weight, following some simple instructions among which is not eating standing, but sitting in the bar of your small apartment without watching TV; Thus, ingest less and enjoy more.

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