Jennifer Lopez Reveals the Secrets of her beauty.

The American actress and singer confesses that the secret of her beauty is to sleep well, not drink alcohol, not smoke and drink a lot of water. The actress and singer Jennifer Lopez unveiled her "secrets" of beauty, according to her without mystery: "I sleep well, I do not smoke, I drink alcohol, drinking a…

Meryl Streep, the best actress of its generation according to Golden Globes 2017

The golden globes 2017 will recognize with an important prize to Meryl Streep. It is no surprise that Meryl Streep is rated by critics as the best actress of the last few decades, but the Golden Globes' 74th edition will make it official by giving it an important recognition. (more…)

Dicaprio meets with Trump to discuss climate change

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio met with US President-elect Donald Trump to discuss climate change and how clean energy can boost the economy by creating millions of jobs, the actor's founding said on Thursday to the media. (more…)