Wonder Woman-film critic of DC and Warner + VIDEO

Critique of Wonder Woman, the DC film and Warner Bros. Directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, Chris Pine and David Thewlis. In cinemas from June 23rd. What a power injection it gives to see Wonder Woman! It is a sturdy film that gives a blow on the table to…

Transformers: The Ultimate Knight-definitive trailer and new Spanish poster


Definitive trailer and new Spanish poster of Transformers: The Last Knight, the last film of the franchise that will lead Michael Bay. Transformers: The last Knight will finally arrive in the Spanish cinemas next August 4 and will be the end of an era, that of Michael Bay. Do not understand me bad, not that…

Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission x devastates and premieres update

We have said by active and passive, the brand Dragon Ball Heroes is very vivid in Japan and the results of the new title Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X so corroborate. After 5 weeks in the market of the country of the rising sun, we can already get an idea of the sold copies.…

Pokémon Go releases a new update on iOS and Android

Niantic launches a new update for its mobile success. Pokémon Go has released a new update that is already available on both iPhone and Android, so that the title reaches version 1.33.1 on iOS and 0.63.1 on Android. The main update for all users is that now, when playing a medal, will show the player…

Demi Moore apparently dating to old boyfriend “spider-man” Tobey Maguire

Demi Moore apparently dating to old boyfriend “spider-man” Tobey Maguire

Rumors that Demi Moore and Tobey Maguire have started dating recently surfaced. Consistent with a report, the 2 actors are rediscovering one another as things purportedly “heat up” between them. Moore has been single a protracted time, and Maguire is recently separated from Jennifer Meyer. However, there's no truth to those rumors. (more…)

The 7 most scandalous infidelities of the 21st century in Hollywood

The 7 Most Scandalous Infidelities Of The 21st Century In Hollywood

Like anybody, the stars of the cinema and sport also suffer amorous betrayals. But they often find out by the press. Here are the 7 most outrageous Hollywood infidelities: (more…)

First images of Angelina Jolie after her divorce from Brad Pitt

The actress has been photographed in the mansion where she is being held after her separation. (more…)