Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission x devastates and premieres update

We have said by active and passive, the brand Dragon Ball Heroes is very vivid in Japan and the results of the new title Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X so corroborate. After 5 weeks in the market of the country of the rising sun, we can already get an idea of the sold copies. Do you want to see what game you’ve overcome? We!

All of you have enjoyed Dragon Ball fusions, a titulazo from Bandai Namco that we can enjoy in Spain since last February. Well, if this game managed to sell in its first five weeks in Japan 145,417 copies, Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X has surpassed the brand, getting 152,923. Little joke!

In addition to the large sales figures, Bandai Namco has just released the first title update in which the Grand Martial arts tournament has been added. In this new mode, players will compete in a tournament, scaling positions in the ranking and facing increasingly complicated opponents. All this, while they are unlocking a good handful of collectible cards.

And this is all for the moment with regard to Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X! It is not yet known whether this title will come to our lares one day or whether, like its predecessors, it will remain in Japan until the end of its days.

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