First images of Angelina Jolie after her divorce from Brad Pitt

The actress has been photographed in the mansion where she is being held after her separation.

How is she?

The paparazzi, who have spent almost a month trying to get a photograph of Angelina Jolie (41) after her divorce from Brad Pitt (52), have finally gotten their way. The spirited graphic reporters have gotten the first image of the actress after last October 20 TMZ announced the separation of the father of their children, which was 12 years.

In her, the film performer as Maleficent or Lord and Mrs. Smith appears a bit scruffy, with loose hair caught with a clamp, a beige wool jacket and huge sunglasses.

Who is accompanying Angelina in these hard moments?

After her, and although it does not look especially well, is its brother James Haven (43), who is now one of the greater supports of the American actress. He has not been separated from her since she decided to leave the mansion of Los Felices in Hollywood, where Brad Pitt remains alone and devastated, as assured a few weeks ago, a source close to the former couple.

Together Angelina, and although they do not appear in the image, are their children Shiloh (10), Zahara (11), Pax (12), and twins Knox and Vivienne (8). Everyone is enjoying a small excursion on a nearby beach. The entourage is led by security guards and the children’s nannies. Of whom there is no trace anywhere is the oldest, Madox (15), who we suppose would have stayed at home.

An eyewitness told the news portal ET (who has given Angelina’s images exclusively) that the actress was very relaxed and happy playing with her children in the arena. “The children ran everywhere and were happy,” says the same source. Then they all returned to the exclusive urbanization where they are staying until they find a better home and pass the media storm.

What happened with Brad Pitt?

Of Brad Pitt, however, there is still no image to testify how he finds himself after his divorce. What has transpired so far is that he is very sad, and that he has been able to see his children only once. Angelina wants custody of the six and is willing to fight for it.

Only a judge will decide the fate of the little ones, who to this day live outside of all the dust that is lifting the separation of their famous parents.


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