Japanese method to cure any type of disease through the fingers! Excellent!

Traditional Western medicine still does not find an answer for many diseases and ailments suffered by the human being. It is also based on the consumption of tablets and other substances manufactured with a myriad of chemicals, which in many cases have severe side effects.

This is why many people are inclined to alternative forms of healing, looking for methods that are healthier and bring less negative effects to the organism. Today I want to talk to you about a Japanese procedure to cure the ailments through stimulation of the fingers of the hands.

According to this method, the fingers are related to a number of specific emotions, and these emotions are connected with organs of the body. Keep reading so that you can learn to benefit from this millennial practice.

The secret of good health, at your fingertips.

The method is to maintain the pressure on the finger that corresponds to the emotion-ailment suffered for 5 minutes at most, to start the healing process. As you exert pressure, you must breathe deeply and slowly, being aware of that breathing. After 5 minutes, you have to massage the same area in both hands.

Then a simple guide fingers the hand according to the excitement and organ that are able to heal: the thumb: It is related to the arms and stomach, so if you feel headaches or stomach, nervousness or if you have problems in the skin is the area indicated. The emotions that correspond are depression and anxiety.

The index finger: it has to do with confusion, and it controls the kidneys and bladder. Exert pressure on it if you have muscle and back pain or digestive problems.

The middle finger: it connects with irritability and anger, being affected the liver and gallbladder. If you suffer from migraine, menstrual pain, tiredness and circulation problems, your problem lies here.

The ring finger: it is related to fear and sadness, affecting the lungs and the large intestine. Estimúlalo if you suffer from respiratory and skin diseases.

The little finger: it controls the anxiety and the nerves, relating to the heart and the small intestine. This is the point you must press if you suffer from sore throat and problems in the heart and bones.

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