You Know Which of these 7 Bananas is the best for your Health.

These are the results of a scientific investigation carried out in the United States.

Find out which of the banana that best makes your body and why. You’re probably a banana fan, but you once wondered if the banana you were eating was healthy for your body. This depends a lot on the state of the banana. Is it better to eat green or ripe bananas? But … how mature?

Fully ripe bananas produce TNF, or tumor necrosis factor, a substance that has the ability to fight abnormal cells.

Bananas Ripen, develop dark spots on the skin. The more points they have the healthier they are. Bananas with dark spots contain more substances that increase their immunity. he totally ripe bananas are great for the digestive tract, because the sugar is easily absorbed, unlike green bananas that are difficult to digest because their starch does not turn into sugar.

The number of cells that provide effects against cancer depends on how mature the fruit is. As mature as a banana this, its anti-cancer properties will be higher.


The researchers proved that grapes, apples, watermelons, pineapples, pears and bananas provide more powerful anti-cancer properties.

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