Meryl Streep, the best actress of its generation according to Golden Globes 2017

The golden globes 2017 will recognize with an important prize to Meryl Streep. It is no surprise that Meryl Streep is rated by critics as the best actress of the last few decades, but the Golden Globes’ 74th edition will make it official by giving it an important recognition.

It is the Cecil B. Medille Award, which will receive for his extensive professional career, which include films such as The Sniper, The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Sophie’s Decision, Silkwood, The Devil Dress Up, Mamma Mia! , Julie & Julia, The Iron Lady, Florence Foster Jenkins and countless other films.

In that edition of the Golden Globes they will give to Meryl Streep the deserved recognition. The award is called Cecil B. Medille Award, which will obtain for his widespread professional career along her life, including movies such as The Sniper, The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Silkwood, The Devil Dress Up, Mamma Mia! The Iron Lady among other films.

What are the main characteristics of Meryl Streep?

Talent, delivery and passion have earned Meryl Streep 29 Golden Globe nominations, being eight times winner, 19 times nominated for the Oscars. The 67-year-old actress will receive the award next Feb. 8 in Los Angeles for being “a role model for the past 40 years.”

The mature actress will receive the recognition in a ceremony next February 8 in California for being “a model to follow during the last times,” which will continue to do so for many more generations, according to Lorenzo Soria, president of The Association of The Hollywood Foreign Press.

Meryl Streep joins actors like George Clooney, Woody Allen, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Jodie Foster and Robert De Niro, who have received the award in previous years to the delight of their fans.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has made public its decision in a statement in which it values ​​”the fascinating body of work of Meryl in diverse sorts. It has made it an archetypal to imitate for the last century and will continue to do so for many more generations. ”

“It is no surprise that HFPA has chosen Streep as the winner of this year,” said Lorenzo Soria, president of HFPA, the organization that organizes the Golden Globes. Soria highlighted Streep’s ability to accept powerful roles without Fear of showing vulnerability and always in search of truth.


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