Pokémon Go releases a new update on iOS and Android

Niantic launches a new update for its mobile success. Pokémon Go has released a new update that is already available on both iPhone and Android, so that the title reaches version 1.33.1 on iOS and 0.63.1 on Android.

The main update for all users is that now, when playing a medal, will show the player the progress needed to get the next one. This provides information on progress and milestones for players.

The second novelty of this update is relevant for users of Pokémon Go in Brazil: Brazilian Portuguese is included in the game as an idiomatic option.

Hidden additions of Pokémon Go and its last update

As always, every time an update is released, things will appear. Here, we tell you the hidden additions of Pokémon Go that have come with their last patch.

This week Pokémon Go has been updated. But we always have extra information beyond the official that Niantic gives on his official blog. This time was not going to be less, and also comes loaded with many more things than the last few times. Let’s see these new hidden additions of Pokémon GO.

Hidden Pokémon Go additions: code changes

The code of this update includes very interesting elements for the future balance of the application. It seems that is mainly focused on improving the experience and gameplay.

Measures for cheats

As you know, when you try to catch a pokémon or use a poképarada, sometimes you get a message of failure. This is usually that the item itself is “too far” or that you have the “inventory full”. However, a new entry has appeared:


This surely refers to the message that will come out when the cheats in the game do theirs. Possibly if the pokémon itself is too far from the user or if it has detected the use of some method not allowed.

Limit of Pokemon in Gyms

Until now, we can leave up to 10 pokémon in a gym. Not all of us, of course, but the same group. However, it seems that this will change since the following attribute has appeared in the gyms code:


So far, there was no attribute that referred to this “problem”. In this way, we could easily find a gym with 4 gyarados and 5 dragonites. Well, Niantic seems to want that to change.

So, do not be surprised if at some point in the next few months they announce a limit of the same Pokemon in the gyms.

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