Project Cars 2-Your improvements in Project Scorpio will not be limited by PS4 pro

At the end of this year will arrive Project Cars 2 to the market and will offer support for the functions of improvement of PS4 pro and Project Scorpio. Today, Andy Tudor, creative director of the title developed by slightly Mad Studios, he wanted to talk about how the improvements of the game will be in the new Microsoft console and has clarified that this version will not be restradad by the lower power of PS4 pro since they try to make the most of each platform.

“We can reach a higher resolution in project Scorpio compared to PS4 pro, or we can maintain a lower resolution but increase the details,” he began to explain the member of slightly mad studios in a chat with the portal GamingBolt. “Again, it’s too early to say, but if we can do anything extra in Project Scorpio, we will.” “We will not layer this version by the features of PS4 Pro”.

As you can see, in slightly mad studios it is clear that project Scorpio will be able to offer greater improvements than PlayStation 4 Pro and want to take advantage of its functions to offer a more refined version of Project Cars 2 in the Microsoft Console. Something that coincides with the words that we made you arrive yesterday from Phil Spencer, who claimed that project Scorpio will have the best console versions of this year’s games like Call of Duty WWII and Destiny 2.

We will have to wait until the Microsoft Conference at E3 2017 to see how the Games in Project Scorpio Look, but the companies are already starting to show their optimism with this new machine. And it seems that Microsoft has made it very easy to create ports for project Scorpio for companies to take advantage of all the advantages of the desktop console. While we wait to see you, we invite you to learn more about the driving simulator with our Project Cars 2 advance.

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