The influence of Health and your Image at Work

Today, most organizations seek to support their employees by promoting health issues. One of the directors of an important company, shared a study that made him a leader a couple of years ago in the business and in one of the headings of this study mentions if it reflects being healthy.

Why is it important to look healthy?

Among other things, to have a strong leadership position, it’s important to look healthy. Others perceive your ability to act, your responsibility, order and discipline to your physical appearance. It’s not about seeing how much you weigh or what size you are, but that you see yourself with energy and ability to face challenges successfully.

Many may think what time they will exercise if they have reached high levels in the organization, there is not much time to do it. I can mention several cases of successful people who make room for it. Managers even while on business trips, wear their pair of sports shoes to be able to go to run and if he has to get up earlier does.

Examples of Promotion due to a Healthy Attitude

Throughout her financial career a woman who began to ascend as director of her office in a major national bank, was achieving success in organizing until having in charge around 19 departments in different regions of the country.

She got up every day at 5 am to run, on several occasions, the bank supported her to participate in marathons in other parts of the world. Among the leadership characteristics that distinguish her is her ability to show off an impeccable executive presence through her health.

The cases mentioned before, among others, put on their list of priorities give themselves time to exercise, and not only look healthy but reflect what is important as a leader.

If you take care of your health if you feel good, if you spend time, others will perceive that you are capable in the professional and that you take care of the details and the good results. There is always room to devote time to your health in addition to your occupations.

What could happen if you don’t look healthy?

Even if you have the experience and knowledge, you may not be given greater responsibility if you do not look healthy. People link your ability to face challenges and resolve conflicts with the ability, order and discipline you have to take care of yourself.

Imagine the case of someone who looks unhealthy and sloppy, overweight, not only reflects disorganization, the one that looks like you can get sick prevents you from having high positions of responsibility within the company.

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