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The influence of the organization on occupational health

The work climate is closely related to the motivation or demotivation of the people who are part of the work teams. Achieving greater satisfaction at work will always be a positive step in favor of Organizational Health and human quality.

Today it is vital for organizations to find new opportunities for differentiation and improvement that allow not only their continuity, but also their development. The social work environment related to climate, trust and interpersonal relationships have become a key element in differentiating healthy organizations from those that are not.

Enjoying at work is it possible?

If we have people who enjoy their work and feel recognized for their good performance, we will be encouraging the creation of a healthy environment.

In this sense, the information provided by the labor climate surveys can be very valuable, as it tells us what people think about the different teams or areas of our company. Analyzing the work climate should therefore be the first step in our strategy to place people at the core of our project. If we do not listen to them, we will never know what their needs are.

Why measure the organizational climate?

If the method is articulated correctly, labor climate surveys have several advantages:

  • The main advantage is anonymity. This characteristic gives the respondent greater freedom to be able to say and say what he normally does not dare to say.
  • It allows us to obtain data from different situations or areas of conflict.
  • Can provide information on different areas, employee concerns, expectations and even gives us the option to get feedback with proposals for improvement by our members.

We must bear in mind that the key to the success of a Labor Climate Survey is not in the fact of doing it, but in what we are going to do with all the information obtained during the process. The analysis of the Labor Climate must always generate an Action Plan.

Benefits of a good working environment in the Health

The most important benefits for organizations are:

  • Positive work attitudes will increase.
  • Affiliation and Corporate Commitment will grow.
  • Productivity will be high.
  • We will encourage attraction and retention of talent.
  • Reduce rates of Absenteeism and the percentage of Accidents at Work.

The value of the social capital

The value of the organizations is in their social capital. We will only get the commitment of the people if we make their daily life more rewarding, exciting and enriching.

A good working climate is achieved when the individual goals match those of the group and the organization. The leader will play a key role in achieving this balance. Engagement is contagious within organizations and its effect is multiplicative.

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