Transformers: The Ultimate Knight-definitive trailer and new Spanish poster

Definitive trailer and new Spanish poster of Transformers: The Last Knight, the last film of the franchise that will lead Michael Bay.

Transformers: The last Knight will finally arrive in the Spanish cinemas next August 4 and will be the end of an era, that of Michael Bay. Do not understand me bad, not that Bay is removed from the cinema, only stop directing films of this successful franchise. Yes, like almost everything he does, the director says goodbye to the big, and is that the fifth installment of Transformers is the first film to be wheeled complete in IMAX 3d.

There is less than two months to premiere, but we can see the definitive trailer in Castilian of Transformers: The Last Knight. In this new breakthrough we listen again to Anthony Hopkins, who gives life to Sir Edmund Burton, to expose the main theory on which the film will be based: “They have been here always, in the shadows.” “To protect the Earth from what was written that it would come.”

Throughout all the films we have heard different reasons why the Decipticons and Autobots have chosen as the battlefield the Earth, but apparently there was one more, and seems to be the definitive.

In addition to the definitive trailer of Transformers: The Last knight we can also see a new poster in Castilian with the new release date, as it was originally scheduled to arrive on June 21st. Two more weeks will have to wait to see Optimus Prime and his super team fight the evil that stalks the earth.

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