Whiten your TEETH Easily in less than 5 minutes with this Homemade Trick.

Stained or yellowed teeth can occur as the years progress. But also some foods, beverages, and even mouthwashes can stain your teeth. You can whiten your teeth using home remedies and avoid foods that stain teeth. Which foods and products stain the teeth: cigar is one of the worst causes of putting the yellow teeth, besides that is not good for your health. Then follow the coffee, tea, fruit juices such as grape juice or cranberry and cola’s gaseous sodas.

Also, all foods that can stain a white cotton blouse can stain your teeth as well. One way to prevent your teeth from being stained is to rinse your mouth after drinking.

Banana shell.

Banana peel whiten teeth without damaging the enamel homemade tricks to have whiter teeth an easy, cheap and natural remedy to whiten teeth is to use the banana peel. After washing your teeth, simply rub the inside of the banana peel over your teeth for two minutes. The remedy is repeated every day until you have the desired results.

The banana peel contains salicylic acid and citric acid, the perfect combination to naturally whiten teeth.

Salicylic acid helps to fight tartar and citric acid whitens tooth stains. The results could be seen as fast as in a week. And best of all, it doesn’t damage the enamel.

There is a popular remedy for whitening yellow teeth that is brushing with baking soda. However, this remedy if used very often can damage the enamel of the teeth, something that does not make the banana shell.

Another homemade remedy to whiten teeth, which by the way, actress Catherine Zeta Jones has said that she practices it, is to rub the teeth gently with the pulp of a strawberry. The strawberry also contains salicylic acid so I imagine it works the same way as the banana peel.

Additional remedy.

Orange peel.



• 1 orange peel.

How to prepare?

Cut the orange peel into several pieces and use your inner part to massage the stained teeth for three minutes. Wait at least 30 minutes and perform normal brushing. Use it every day, once a day.

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